~ Holistic Breakthrough Method~

True personal growth is about transcending the parts/dimensions of you that not in alignment with your authentic self. This type of coaching, Blossoming Soul Holistic Transformational Coaching opens up a specific dialogue for an internal exploration in helping you uncover limiting beliefs, unprocessed feelings and negative self talk that may be holding you back from living your best version of yourself. With a clear view you can deeply develop the ability to access your own wisdom to heal any part of your life and fill it with purpose, enlightenment and joy. Are you experiencing some glimmers of hope but it seems to fade out? Have you been struggling with trying to figure out how to find your life’s’ purpose? Are you feeling this denseness that you just can’t put your finger on? What if you learned specialized methods that are simple to use that help you stay in alignment so that you are able to make the shifts and keep them in a safe supportive environment?

How would your life be different? Join me in discovering how amazing your life can be!

3 Months
The 3 month Blossoming Soul Transformations Coaching Program
consists of (1) coaching session per week for 45 minutes and 1
integration week with a guided meditation, journal writing and homework

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JOY Workshop

Ever look around and wonder how some people seem to be joyful all the time and some people seem to struggle to find joy? Ever wonder how you can boost your JOY level so you too can experience more JOY in your life? In this JOY Workshop I’ll show you exactly how to find and keep your JOY so you can access JOY even in the middle of chaos, devastation and loss. You will be able to transform your life and have JOY at your fingertips whenever and wherever you choose. Here’s what you’ll learn;

 6 Specific JOY techniques to instantly boost your JOY level
 Learn the Holistic Manifestation Process ™
 Discover how JOY has a ripple affect with others around you
 The 8 JOY stealers & what you can do to release them from your life
 Learn why being in a state of JOY attracts money, love and enhances
 Develop your own JOY Practice
 JOY guided imagery

Many people call this a life altering workshop. I call it a “life saving” workshop because this workshop brings hope, freedom and light to ANYONE searching for a better way to living their life’s purpose.G

Maintaining Strong Connections
~Moms and their Tween Daughters~

• Do you feel you are butting heads with your 11-14 year old daughter?
• Are you finding that what worked before isn’t now?
• Are you scared you are losing your connection with her?
• Have you reached a point of not knowing what to do?
• Do you feel you are losing control and don’t know how to get it back?
• Do you suffer from anxiety, fear or worry because all you want is the best for her, yet she has stopped listening and instead is pushing you away?
If you answered, “Yes!” to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you.

What if you could connect with your daughter in a way that both she and you feel listened to and understood? This experiential workshop will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and practice to make that connection possible.

Join Dawna Salkiewicz of Blissful Acres Wellness Center and Pamela Thompson of Wellness Within as they facilitate this 3-part workshop expressly designed to provide moms the knowledge and tools that will help strengthen their relationship with their ‘tween daughters. This workshop is experiential so you get to practice the techniques so that you can more easily use them at home!

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